About Us

Our Culture & Brand

Our clients look for diverse inputs delivered in a unique way.

We cultivate and sustain a diverse work environment and workforce as well as a unique and distinctive brand; this is critical to meeting the complex needs of our clients.

At the core of our culture and brand is our role as engaged experts. In a world where our clients’ issues and challenges are more complex and evolving we know how to bring the right people together to solve the most difficult challenges and deliver results.

Our culture
We value long-term relationships with our clients, emphasising trust, flexibility, collaboration and independent thinking. As one of Malaysia’s leading, bank-backed investment banking groups, we use our expertise to continually tackle the most compelling financial challenges and deliver pioneering solutions to our clients.

We challenge the norm and find new ways to operate with clients and each other across our core businesses. To do this we recognize that our industry is driven by the combined talents of its people. We hire and retain high-performing individuals in all areas of our business who can collaborate across teams and businesses.

“’Out think. Out perform.’ is more than a tagline; it is a distillation of our culture and integral to our brand. We express it as both a promise to our clients and as a guiding principle to all our teams.”

Our brand
Our brand identity is based on the Malaysian Federation star (“Bintang Persekutuan”).

Our logo is a symbol for our culture of unity, collaboration between our multifaceted businesses and scale as a leading Malaysian investment banking group. The kaleidoscope of bold, confident colours with the interlocking planes represents the different perspectives and diversity of our people and clients – as well as their unique and individual needs.

The forward-pointing dark blue triangle emphasises our unique and differentiated approach, vision and relentless pursuit of progress. The red triangle symbolises our pioneering drive and is a homage to the shared red used in our historic identities.