Affin Hwang Asset Management
Accelerate Your Way to Exhilarating Wealth
Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad business line is one of the top three largest players in Malaysia today.
Led by Managing Director Dato’ Teng Chee Wai, Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad has won over 170 awards since its inception for their commitment to achieving investment performance for clients.
Since 2010, your Assets Under Administration ("AUA") has grown at a combined rate of over 25% year-on-year. What would you say would be the key driver of this success?
We are here for only one reason – to help our clients build their wealth. Only with the combination of their trust and our disciplined approach have we been able to do so.

Our promise is to remain transparent and honest and to deliver positive and absolute performance without taking excessive risks across market cycles.

To maintain that promise, our investment and sales processes are monitored at all levels.

We strongly believe that protecting our clients’ investments are as important as growing them, so a proactive compliance culture is backed by the highest standards of governance, risk management and controls to ensure that the most exacting standards of professionalism are consistently reached.
What kind of products have been the most attractive for Affin Hwang Investment Bank’s clients?
As at 30 April 2021, we manage over RM79 billion in assets for retail and professional clients. This is done through the offering of discretionary portfolio management, cash management, wholesale and retail funds.

We are also pioneers of Private Retirement Scheme ("PRS") funds in the Malaysian market and offer select alternative assets to high-net-worth clients.

Our flagship products and ‘Select Series’ funds continue to lead the market, delivering performance at relatively low volatility.

This has assured our clients of our discipline of investing into quality and delivering performance without taking excessive risks.

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