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Affin Hwang Trustee
What does Affin Hwang Trustee do?
Helmed by Tan Ping Ying since 2016 and backed by the Affin Hwang Investment Bank Group, we are a trust company providing the following services:

  • Private Trusts - our core focus and expertise.
  • Insurance Trusts
  • Stakeholder and Escrow Services
  • Custodian Services
  • Will and Wasiat
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Estate Administration (Wasi/Pentadbir)
  • Other Services

Briefly, private trusts, whilst relatively new in Malaysia, is an established way which high net worth individuals preserve their wealth and make distribution arrangements for their heirs. Some key features of our private trusts are:

  • Client determines the frequency, value and conditions of distribution of assets to beneficiaries (including the client).
  • Effective upon set up, ready to provide for the client and his/her family in case of disability or death of client.
  • Assets do not lie dormant in the trust; they can be invested to generate income.
  • A legally binding arrangement, details are private and not subject to regulatory approval.
  • Trustee is a licensed company with valuable expertise and contacts in the industry.
  • Trustee has set up a robust and secure framework ensuring the client is still in the loop and can give directions with ease.
How is Affin Hwang Trustee different from other trustees?
While many are quick to offer solutions immediately, WE LISTEN to your needs.

No two (2) trusts are the same. Our ability to understand and cater to each client's needs has enabled us to help many clients achieve their ideal wealth planning arrangements.

Having dealt with many different trusts and types of assets, we have also garnered relevant experience in many areas of the wealth space for the benefit of our clients:

  • Stamping
  • Tax
  • Offshore Structures
  • Law on Trusts
  • Inheritance
  • Estate Administration and Probate Matters
  • Land Matters
Who are Affin Hwang Trustee's Clients
Category of Clients Products Sought By Clients
High Net Worth Clients
  • Private Trust (Comprehensive Trusts)
  • Will & Wasiat (Comprehensive)
  • Estate Administration/Probate
Mass Affluent Clients
  • Private Trust (Simple Trusts)
  • Insurance Trust
  • Will & Wasiat (Simple or Comprehensive)
  • Estate Administration/Probate
  • Testamentary Trust
  • Custodian Services
  • Stakeholder and Escrow Services
  • Employee Provident Funds/Retirement Funds
  • Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOS)
  • E-Monies
  • Interest Schemes


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