AIIMAN Asset Management
Path towards Syariah Investing
One of the three pioneering senior members in the establishment of AIIMAN Asset Management, Akmal Hassan took over the helm as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Director on 18 November 2010.
He shares some of the practices at AIIMAN here.
What drives the team at AIIMAN Asset Management?
Our focus on Shariah principles.

We place emphasis on stringent Shariah investment framework and guidelines. It gives us the competitive edge of operating on an end-to-end Shariah platform.

We are backed by an internationally-recognised Shariah Board who supervises our investment process and operations.

This is also complemented by the support of an independent Shariah advisor, to ensure compliance at all times.
AIIMAN has been known for imposing very strict criteria in its investment philosophy. Does this affect the results?
It does. At AIIMAN, we believe that investment performance is achieved through a skillful balance of experience, knowledge and adaptability. This is necessary to achieve a consistent increase in investment performance and superior value add.

Our investment philosophy is premised on delivering absolute return performance. This means that we continuously deliver positive performance through various market conditions, not just outperforming the benchmark.

For example, for equities, we invest based on four uncompromising principles: solid fundamentals, strong business model and prospects, inscrutable corporate governance and value. If these are not in place, we do not invest.

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