Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

(Ethical codes at Affin Hwang Investment Bank)

We shall continuously uphold and abide by the following ethical principles that are vital to the achievement of a high standard of professionalism and ethics as set out by the Bank as follows:-

(i) Principle 1: Competence
We shall develop and maintain the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviour to ensure that our activities are conducted professionally and proficiently. This includes acting with diligence, as well as obtaining, and regularly updating, the appropriate qualifications, training, expertise and practical experience.

(ii) Principle 2: Integrity
We shall be honest and open in all our dealings. This includes behaving in an accountable and trustworthy manner, and avoiding any acts that might damage the reputation of, or bring discredit to the Bank and the industry at any time.

(iii) Principle 3: Fairness
We shall act responsibly and embrace a culture of fairness and transparency. This includes treating those with whom we have professional relationships with respect and ensuring that we consider the impact of our decisions and actions towards all stakeholders.

(iv) Principle 4: Confidentiality
We shall protect the confidentiality and sensitivity of information provided to them. This includes using it for its intended purposes only and not divulging information to any unauthorised persons, including third parties, without the necessary consent from those involved unless disclosure is required by law or regulation.

(v) Principle 5: Objectivity
We shall not allow any conflict of interest, bias or undue influence of others to override our business and professional judgment. We shall declare, to those concerned, all matters that could impair our objectivity.