Affin Hwang Capital Conference Series 2018

Building a New Malaysia

08 November 2018

Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur
08:30 — 18:00
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Titled “Building a New Malaysia”, this year’s conference examines the domestic market drivers and trends in relation to the Malaysian economy and its fiscal position; GLCs/GLICs reforms; as well as political directions and policies. As investors continue to face a challenging global investment environment going into 2019, we analyse the recent global policies and markets to provide information and strategies for investment as market risks increase.

This year’s conference features eminent speakers - Malaysian politicians and policymakers; speakers from prominent institutions including the World Bank, BCA Research, the University of Malaya, as well as from our alliance partner Daiwa Capital Markets. You will also hear from the experts on the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC 2.0) initiative; as well as on FinTech infrastructure blockchain to facilitate seamless collaboration of businesses from different industry segments.

Find out more about the Conference here: AHC Conference Series 2018 Agenda

Disclaimer: Comments & recommendations highlighted in the seminar rely on the individual opinions of the ones providing the comments & recommendations. These opinions may not fit to your financial status, risk & return preferences & hence an independent evaluation is essential. Investors are advised to independently evaluate particular investments and strategies & to seek independent financial, legal & other advice on the information and/or opinion contained in the seminar before investing & participating in any of the securities or investment strategies & transactions.