Investment Banking

Our clients seek excellent personalised advice and customised execution across multiple product areas.

We offer advice in equity as well as debt and capital markets, structured lending, and corporate advisory services.

Our full-service Investment Banking offer is based around four integrated departments. Corporate Finance undertakes complex, high profile advisory and capital markets transactions. Equity Capital Markets leverages on our market-leading equity distribution capabilities while Debt and Capital Markets’ capabilities are recognised as a leader in Malaysia. Finally, Structured Lending deploys balance sheet on strategic transactions.

The Corporate Finance department provides a full range of advisory services including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate and debt restructuring, initial public offerings (IPOs), equity fund raising and independent advisory opinions. Working seamlessly with Debt and Capital Markets, Equity Capital Markets and Structured Lending, we are able to provide advisory services based on the specific circumstances and strategic objectives relevant to our clients.

“We assemble teams of mid- to large-cap experts to serve clients with customised products. This is supported by access to Malaysia’s second-largest distribution network.”

The Equity Capital Markets department specialises in providing equity-linked products and services. This includes IPOs, rights issues, follow-on issues plus sell-downs and private placements. Our capabilities support our clients through the preliminary steps of originating, structuring and pricing of equity transactions right through to underwriting, syndication, marketing and the distribution of issuances.

The Debt and Capital Markets department offers a one-stop service from advisory to fund raising, including bond underwriting. We assist clients with the issuance of Private Debt Securities (PDS), including bonds (exchangeable and convertible bonds), Commercial Papers, Medium Term Notes, Shariah-compliant PDS comprising sukuk structures and Asset Backed Securities. We also arrange loan syndications and club deals.

“With our segment-based team and high-touch engagement supported with innovative structuring and swift execution we take a different approach to investment banking.”

The Structured Lending department provides financing in conjunction with Corporate Finance advisory as well as Debt and Capital Markets activities including provision of bridging loans, underwriting of Commercial Papers and participation in loan syndications, club deals and unrated PDS. We also have expertise undertaking agency roles for debt capital markets issues and loan syndications such as Facility Agent, Security Agent, Escrow Agent, Paying Agent and Monitoring Agent.