Exhilarating Climb to The Peak

Every journey begins with a single step. Affin Hwang Investment Bank and Hwang DBS began ours in 1970, with an exciting adventure that has taken us to the peak of the Malaysian Capital Markets scene.

In 2014 we took a huge leap and underwent a merger that took us to an even more exciting destination.

Today, Affin Hwang Investment Bank has emerged as the leading investment banking, securities and asset management group in Malaysia.

Conquering The Region
We leave no stone unturned to achieve our ultimate vision.
“To be the most creative investment bank in the region.”
We are well on the way to reach our ultimate destination by continuously extending exceptional services to our clients through innovative ways that add exceptional value to our products.

Scaling the Mountain Together
We are a dynamic team that works together through the highest level of integrity and commitment to excellence to OUT THINK and OUT PERFORM our competitors.

All the time. All the way.

This is our PROMISE and COMMITMENT as we continue to lead you to the peak of your financial destination.