Affin Hwang Asset Management Collaborates with AXA-AFFIN Life Insurance and Pacific Trustees to Safeguard its Investors’ Wealth

21 October 2014

Ms. Chong Chyi Ming (Marketing & Communications)
+603 2027 5800 |

KUALA LUMPUR – A month afterits merger completion announcement, Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad (“Affin Hwang AM” or the “Company”) (formerly known as Hwang Investment Management Berhad), today announced its collaboration with AXA-AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad (“AXA-AFFIN”) and Pacific Trustees Berhad (“PTB”) to launch its Wealth Protection & Wealth Distribution service. Over the past decade, Affin Hwang AM has been assisting its clients to create wealth as well as building retirement funds through its fund management services such as unit trust funds and wholesale funds as well as Private Retirement Scheme. The Wealth Protection & Distribution services is an added service which Affin Hwang AM is offerings to complement its wealth creation services, which Affin Hwang AM currently has in place. The new service brings the three important wealth management aspects; wealth creation, wealth protection and wealth distribution under one roof.

Chan Ai Mei, Chief Marketing Officer of Affin Hwang AM said, “We have been assisting our clients to create wealth as well as building their retirement fund for over a decade. There was a natural need from our clients to protect their wealth for their loved ones and their next generation. We know and understand that safeguarding their wealth and ensuring that it is well-protected is also an important aspect of wealth management. As such, we have worked with our partners, AXA-AFFIN and PTB to provide a value-add service that would complement our existing wealth offering to extend from wealth creation to wealth protection and distribution.”

Affin Hwang AM believes that every individual should have a protection plan coverage that provides a measure of financial security for them and their loved ones. The Company understand its importance and are honouring its clients with a complimentary group term life insurance. Ai Mei continued, “We have identified two (2) funds that allow our investors to enjoy free term life insurance coverage of up to RM400,000. This coverage is covered up until they are 64 years old. Instantly, we have made over 1,200 clients of ours automatically covered. All they would need to do is to let us know who they would like to name as their beneficiary(ies).”

“With the recent bout of uncertain events that have taken place, such as the Ebola outbreak, the missing of MH370 and MH17 tragedy, we believe that this new service would add value to our existing as well as new clients that invests directly with us. As the benefit will be fully borne by Affin Hwang AM, only two (2) of Affin Hwang’s flagship funds are chosen to be under this coverage scheme.”

Ai Mei added that wealth distribution is also an important aspect when it comes to wealth planning. Will writing and trust nomination ensures that the wealth and assets are distributed to the dedicated beneficiaries without having to go through a long and tedious process. “With this new service, our clients now can determine who they would like to pass on their investments and assets to when they are no longer around. We understand that having fast accessibility to funds is of utmost importance when one has passed on. Therefore, under the Trust Nomination service, beneficiary(ies) can access the wealth created with Affin Hwang AM by the deceased, within 14 working days upon submission of the death certificate and other supporting documents,” she said.

Leveraging on the strength of the Group after its merger, Affin Hwang AM chose to partner with AXA-AFFIN, who is also a member within the Affin Holdings Group to provide the complimentary coverage. The Company partnered with PTB because it has over 20 years of experience in managing corporate and individual trusts and is an independent, non-bank backed trust company.

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