Affin Hwang Capital Launches Its Undertaking For Collective Investments In Transferable Securities (UCITS): Affin Hwang Capital Asian Series

03 November 2014

Ms Chong Chyi Ming (Marketing & Communications)
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LUXEMBOURG – Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad (formerly known as Hwang Investment Management Berhad) (“Affin Hwang AM”), today announced its maiden launch of the Affin Hwang Capital Asian Series, a Luxembourg registered Undertaking for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS) fund.

Affin Hwang AM manages over RM 29.4 billion of assets through its investment expertise in Asian equity and fixed income instruments. Since its inception in 2001, Affin Hwang AM has chalked up an impressive total of 58 industry accolades from local and international rating agencies, including Equity Awards from Malaysia’s largest Provident Fund in 4 of the last 5 consecutive years.

The Chief Strategy Officer of Affin Hwang AM, Esther Thye said, “We are the first company in Malaysia to launch a Luxembourg registered UCITS fund. This is an exciting time for Affin Hwang AM as this marks its foray into the European market with an umbrella of 2 Asian equity focussed funds, namely Affin Hwang Select Asia Opportunity Fund (“SAOF”) and Affin Hwang Select Asia Quantum Fund (“SAQF”). Both SAOF and SAQF mirror the award winning investment strategies of its existing domestic funds of the same name. The launch signifies a growth strategy of the company in constantly coming up with new product innovations which are in tune with the growing needs of its market segment.

Esther Thye added that the company has appointed BNP Paribas Securities Services as administrative, registrar, transfer and domiciliary agent as well as custodian. Esther believes that the relationship will be beneficial to Affin Hwang AM, providing the technical knowledge and experience as Affin Hwang AM ventures into unchartered territory.

Gan Eng Peng, Head of Equity of Affin Hwang AM and also the portfolio manager of the two funds said, “Our house investment strategy is largely based on a holistic, total return approach. Because of its unique investment approach, the underlying investments in the portfolios are also quite different from many of the plain vanilla Asian Funds. We take educated risks with big positions in quality and well managed companies, and many of our investment ideas may not be necessarily from the index universe. Our equity specialists conduct thorough and penetrating in-depth research, making regular ground visits to familiarise themselves with the business, taking on an entrepreneurial approach on the stocks that they cover. Affin Hwang AM is undoubtedly one of the bigger and more stable teams within the Malaysian asset management industry. We pride ourselves as prudent money managers, who also manage their own money, with a desire and commitment to be the best in its class. We adopt an alpha investment strategy, where we strive for positive returns irrespective of market performance, and the newly launched UCITS will be adopting our same winning strategy.”

“Over the years, we have also built up our reputation in the industry, providing confidence to not only with our investors, but within the corporate circle as well. This has enabled us the opportunity to become cornerstone investors in new initial public offerings (IPOs) in companies within the region, providing us with ability to gain access into new and upcoming investment opportunities”, he continued.

Gan added, “For many global investors where Asian equities are typically under-represented in their portfolios, our UCITS offer an excellent opportunity for them to allocate or enhance their allocations to Asia.” Located in the heart of South East Asia, Affin Hwang AM is strategically positioned to swiftly respond to the rapidly changing economic landscape in Asia. For instance, political stability have improved investors’ confidence that the region, as a whole, is still structurally intact and is poised for greater growth, compared to other parts of the world that are experiencing slower growth.