Our clients seek insightful research and actionable trading ideas.

We provide deep analysis, conviction-driven research and access to company management-teams together with access to our analysts and global industry experts.

Our Research capabilities are well placed to serve our institutional and retail clients explore new investment opportunities and manage their risks. Our local coverage of over 90 companies across 20 sectors is coupled with global research coverage through our partners.

Our Research teams provide succinct and informed insights to answer investment challenge through accessible analysts and experts. Our market insights and reports cover a broad range of issues – from macro and regional economics to deep insights on the Malaysian economy. We provide analytics of both equities and fixed income with a deep focus on the Malaysian economy.

Affin Hwang Capital also has a partnership with Japan’s leading securities house, Daiwa Securities. The partnership allows us to provide value-added services to institutional clients in the form of global research coverage and trading capabilities.

“We combine pro-active service with expert research, conviction and actionable ideas.”

Our clients include corporate and institutional investors, as well as individuals (including high-net-worth individuals and Family Offices). We tailor our insights to these different audiences to help to implement clear investment strategies.

Together with our other business lines we regularly publish our insights, hold conferences for our institutional investors and talks for our individual clients.