Treasury & Markets
Fly Higher With Better Rates And Financial Products
 Treasury & Markets Department.
Can you tell us what makes the Treasury & Markets section of Affin Hwang Investment Bank attractive?
Apart from offering attractive rates for deposits, our Treasury & Markets business also provides our corporate, financial institution and individual clients with a broad range of liquidity, foreign exchange & fixed income products.

These products include money market & capital market investment products to enable our clients to achieve portfolio diversification and liquidity enhancement.

We provide clients with the latest market and product information to help them implement investment strategies.

Our network allows us to distribute and transact money market and capital market instruments on both primary and secondary markets effectively.
What are the more popular products that you have?
Our Treasury Investments product suite includes access to Malaysian Government Securities (MGS), Government Investment Issues (GIIs), Malaysian Treasury Bills, Bank Negara Bills, Bank Negara Monetary Notes, Corporate Bonds & Sukuk, Forex, Interest Rate Derivatives, Cross-Currency Swaps, Fixed Deposits (FD) and Negotiable Instrument of Deposit (NID).

You can see the rates of two key products here:

We’ve been told that you have stringent procedures in place to protect your clients.
What do you do?
Deposit-taking activities are subjected to the completion of the application form and customer onboarding process. Even individual customers who wish to appoint a representative to act on his/her behalf must complete the relevant section in the application form to indicate the details of the representative. The Bank reserves the right to verify the representative’s identity and may reject the nomination if the relevant Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification process cannot be satisfactorily completed. All deposit-taking activities undertaken must comply with any regulatory requirements issued by the Authorities which include those related to Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing & Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, Common Reporting Standard & the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Laws.
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