Treasury and Markets

Our clients require financial expertise and support in hedging and risk management.

We offer access to loan-funding, foreign exchange, structured products and derivatives.

Our significant Treasury business provides corporates, financial institutions and individual clients with a broad range of liquidity products.

Apart from offering attractive rates for deposits, our Treasury & Markets business provides clients with a variety of funds and money & capital markets investment products designed to provide competitive returns and other investment benefits. This includes portfolio diversification and liquidity enhancement.

“We provide a broad funding strategy across asset classes and markets to ensure liquidity and risk-diversification.”

Through our fixed income research, we provide clients with the latest market and product information to help them implement investment strategies. Our network allows us to distribute and trade money market and capital market instruments on both primary and secondary markets effectively.

Our Treasury Investments product suite includes access to Malaysian Government Securities (MGS), Government Investment Issues (GIIs), Malaysian Treasury Bills, Bank Negara Bills, Bank Negara Monetary Notes, Private Debt Securities, Forex, Interest Rate Derivatives, Cross-Currency Swaps, Fixed Deposits (FD) and Negotiable Instrument of Deposit (NID).