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Private Trust

A private trust is a living trust, privately set up with the trustee during the client’s lifetime. The governing document is the trust deed.

To set up a private trust, the client transfers legal title of their assets to the trustee which holds the assets for the benefit of the client’s beneficiaries according to the terms of the trust deed.

A private trust is a very versatile tool. We are happy to explore the possibilities with you according to your needs. Here are some common scenarios your private trust could be set up for:

You may ask:

"A private trust is effective immediately, requiring me to transfer legal title of my assets to the trustee and pay certain fees.

Why set up a private trust if I have a will or a will which sets up a testamentary trust?”

A private trust can offer certain benefits a will or testamentary trust cannot, for example:

i-Secure (Insurance Trust)

Our i-Secure is a specialised private trust which holds only insurance policies as trust assets.

This trust is suitable for clients who have many insurance policies but fewer assets of other types.

Stakeholder and Escrow Services

As escrow or stakeholder agents, we would be the independent third party to an escrow agreement. Our main role is to hold the amount to be paid by one party (usually a large sum of money) until the other party has met the terms and conditions in the escrow agreement.

Our secure account handling and record-keeping operations have consistently provided comfort and confidence to our escrow clients.

Custodian Services

Certain briefs require the appointment, not of a trustee, but of a custodian. Custodians safekeep and deal with assets according to the directions received from the entity that appoints them. Certain fiduciary duties a trustee might have would not be applicable in the role of a custodian.

Being a trust company, we are more than equipped to be appointed, and we have been appointed, as custodians.

Wills and Wasiat

Our wills and wasiat range from simple to comprehensive, catering to the different needs of our clients. Drafting a will or wasiat may seem simple, but certain requirements must be met for the will or wasiat to be a valid one in the eyes of the law.

Our team is happy to assist with drafting your will and answering your queries relating to wills and wasiat, estate administration, and probate matters.

Click here for more details in the table comparing wills to testamentary trusts and private trusts.

Testamentary Trust

Clients looking for more than a simple will may consider a testamentary trust which is set up via will and effective only after the lifetime of the client.

Click here for more details in the table comparing wills to testamentary trusts and private trusts.

Estate Administration (Wasi / Pentadbir)

We also offer estate administration services. Where a person has passed away without a will, the court may appoint an administrator of said person’s estate. As administrator, we would administer the estate according to the relevant distribution laws of the land.

Other Services

Feel free to speak to us about our other services:

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