Affin Hwang Investment Bank Berhad (the “Bank”) is committed to maintaining a culture of the highest ethics and integrity in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and internal policies. We expect our employees, agents or office bearers in the Bank to conduct themselves with a high standard of professionalism and ethics in all business and professional activities.

As part of this commitment, the Bank has developed a Whistleblowing Policy to provide a formal and confidential secured avenue for employees and/or external parties to raise legitimate concerns with regard to illegal, unethical or questionable practices without the risk of reprisal.

Improper Conduct

The whistleblowing may relate to any information pertaining to wrongdoings, malpractices, and/or irregularities as per the following:

  • Dishonest, fraudulent, corrupt or illegal practices
  • Manipulation of accounts
  • Unethical behavior
  • Conduct that endangers health and safety
  • Violation of laws and constitution
  • Conflict of interest

The above list is not exhaustive and includes any act or omissions, which if proven, will constitute an act of misconduct under the Bank’s Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics or any criminal offence under relevant legislations in force.

Who is a Whistleblower?

Under the Policy, any of the following persons can be a Whistleblower:

(a)    Any employee, agent or office bearer in the Bank;

(b)    External parties, such as the Bank’s customers, service providers, vendors, consultants or shareholders.

Protection of Whistleblower

A Whistleblower shall be protected for reporting any actual or suspected misconduct upon demonstrating sufficient basis for whistleblowing. Confidential information relating to whistleblowing shall be safeguarded and shall not be disclosed unless absolutely necessary, i.e.:

  • Consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation;
  • To allow effective response to the report; or
  • As required by Law.

A Whistleblower, including his/her spouse and related persons who are employees of the Bank, shall be protected from detrimental action. The Bank and/or any employee shall not take any detrimental action against the Whistleblower in any manner, explicitly or implicitly. In the event of a complaint of detrimental actions against the Whistleblower, the affected Whistleblower shall immediately report to the WBC for remedial action to be taken.

Required Information

To facilitate the investigation, details and information on the concern made by the Whistleblower should include name(s) of the person(s) involved, date and location of the event, and provide supporting document / proof.

Reporting Channel?

Disclosures can be made through ANY of the following channels:

Email to the following email address:

Whistleblowing Committee,

Email address: WBC@affinhwang.com


In writing and mail/hand-deliver* to:

Whistleblowing Committee (WBC),

Affin Hwang Investment Bank Berhad,

3rd Floor, Chulan Tower, 3 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*Must be sent in a sealed envelope with the words “Strictly Confidential”.

Please also state on the top left hand corner of the envelope: "To be opened by the Addressee only”.

Other relevant avenues external to the Bank which you may direct your concern to as a Whistleblower: